The Forest Spa

Naturist Short Break in the Wye Valley

Oak Lodge

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The view from our place


Relaxing garden terraces above the house


Hot tub bather enjoying the view!


Walking through the paddocks near Oak Lodge

Room Price

Here are the stay prices for a couple in the guest room in the main house. The price includes provision of towels, bathrobes and drinks throughout stay and breakfast. Room availability can be seen on our Availability Calendar found at the bottom of our Room page - select "Room" on the menu above.

  • Double room, 1 night stay - £65.00
  • Double room, 2 night stay - £105.00
  • Double room, 3 night stay - £150.00
  • Additional nights add - £45.00 per night

Studio Cabin Price

Here are the prices for the Mountain View Studio Cabin on a self-catering basis for one couple. The price includes bed linen, towels and bathrobes. The Studio Cabin availability can be seen on our Availability Calendar found at the bottom of our Studio Cabin page - select "Studio Cabin" on the menu above.

Summer stays at the weekend in the Studio Cabin are for a minimum of 2 nights. This means that during the months of June, July and August you will need to book at least two nights when requesting a weekend stay.

  • 1 night stay - £85.00
  • 2 night stay - £140.00
  • 3 night stay - £195.00
  • Additional nights add - £55.00 per night

Evening Meal Price

Our meals* are cosmopolitan with a variety dishes that represent many cultures. We check with guests on their food preferences and guests can give us guidance on what they'd like to eat. Taking that guidance, Ruth creates a selection of dishes to present on the table.

  • Evening meal - £20.00 for two

Lunch Price

Our lunch* is salad-style in Summer and based around a soup in Winter.

  • Lunch - £10.00 for two

Breakfast Price

Breakfast is included for those staying in the guest room in the main house. For people staying in the self-catering studio cabin we offer breakfast catered at the price given below. (Breakfast is full English or a choice of other breakfast styles.)

  • Breakfast - £10.00 for two

*Meals and dietary requirements

You can advise Ruth on what your preferences are with regard to eating. We do have a limited capability for catering for specialist dietary requirements. We are willing to cater for gluten free diets if you let us know and you consider it sufficient that we follow the guidelines found on Gluten Free Living. If you have a nut allergy let us know so we can talk it through.

Booking Method

Please book your visit or stay using our booking form on the Booking page.

Deposit secures booking

Your booking is confirmed and secured by paying a deposit. The deposit is non-refundable. (The deposit is refunded if we have to cancel.) A payment button is found just below the booking form. Before making a payment please wait for our confirmation email. The deposit is equivalent to 25% of the stay cost.

The balance of the cost of your stay is due 5 days before your arrival and our preferred method of payment is bank transfer. Evening meals or lunches, if taken, can be paid for during your stay.



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Sense the stresses sliding away as you recover and rest