The Forest Spa

Naturist Short Break in the Wye Valley

Guest room

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Comfortable guest bedroom


Exhilarating views from your bedroom


The hot tub at dusk with its lovely outlook


Ready and waiting for your all-over tan

Room in the main house

Enjoy the comfortable accommodation of our home. Our guest bedroom looks right across the Wye Valley to the mountains of South Wales.

You can check our availability on the Availability Calendar at the bottom of this page.

At Oak Lodge we offer a combined package of a hot tub use with a comfortable stay exclusively for couples. This is a stay strictly for those who consider themselves naturists. However, we are willing to accept couples who may not call themselves naturists but enjoy clothes free holidays in a naturist setting. Stays are on a homestay basis - stay and feel at home. Breakfast is included and evening meal is available.

We have a fireplace with log burning fire in the living room. This gives it a cosy atmosphere. You are welcome to use the living room at any and all times during your stay. During your stay the house will be kept warm enough to go about naked.

This accommodation is an invitation into our home to share with us for a time the wonderful view and tranquil surroundings that our place provides. In Australia or New Zealand, they would call us a homestay (follow this link for more details definition 1.1).

Guest Bedroom

The bedroom is nice and the bed comfortable. The bedroom's window is picture-style providing a wonderful view of the scenery to enjoy at any time of the day and to wake to in the morning. The room and bed will be made up ready for you and we provide both towels and bathrobes.

The room has good access to wifi. The broadband access here is excellent giving great streaming of catchup channels and YouTube on laptops and tablets. The bedroom doesn't have a TV but you're invited to feel at home in the living room where we have a good size TV you can use.


The bathroom is opposite the room, directly across the hallway from the bedroom. The shower is over the bath. Support handrails are in place for those who find they require them.

Sunny patio and lawns

The main patio is just below the guest bedroom at the front of the house. Hedges and trellis provide privacy. It is a well sheltered spot so that any time the sun shines sunbathing is possible with the opportunity to get an all over tan.

The sunbathing lawns are above the house and it is a bit of a climb up steps to reach it. It's worth the climb. It's in a section of our garden we call "The Glade" because of the way woodland curves around it. The height means you can look out over the rooftop at the hills.

The lawns are a great place to chill out to the sound of bird song. Enjoy the sun there from midday to early evening in the Summer. You can use the sitting areas, sun loungers or lay out on the picnic rug. It's a place of quiet, secluded liberty.

Hot tub

The hot tub is on the front patio. It has an array of massaging jacuzzi jets. It is a special place just to relax in the quietness of the location. It's a deliciously warm place to be outside and enjoy the creation around you. Frequently in the afternoon there's a little robin who perches nearby and treats you to a song.

The hot tub is ready to use all-year round all day long. In the snow is the best time ever for the hot tub. If it rains we put up a sail canopy.


Breakfast is included with your stay. Ruth serves a delicious full English breakfast or, if you prefer, something lighter. Evening is meal available on request. Ruth cooks a wide range of cuisines and serves a meal with a wide range of dishes to choose from. You will be able to let her know your food preferences and dietary requirements beforehand.

Cost of your stay

The cost of your stay is calculated on a bed and breakfast basis. Our naturist accommodation is an enhanced B&B with the comforts of a spa guest house. We encourage you to come for a short break so we offer a reduced rate for the nights after your first night. Please see our Prices page for details. Also check the calendar below for available dates.

Availability Calendar


33 Booked 33 Available 33 Unavailable

S M T W T F S = Nights, Sunday through Saturday

You can book a stay starting on any date showing on the calendar as available. Dates on the calendar refer to stay nights. Please send an enquiry via our Contact page if you are unsure of the availability your preferred dates.

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Time to chillout and enjoy