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Oak Lodge

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The Lodge nestled on a hillside


Lawns with a woodland backdrop


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Peaceful location for a break


Stunning views from the hot tub


Thank you for dropping in on our website. Our accommodation is a naturist stay exclusively for couples.

Our accommodation is called "Oak Lodge" which is the name of our home. Our website is called "The Forest Spa" and this is to indicate something of the experience available at our accommodation.

This website is an invitation to couples, who are naturists or fledgling naturists, to share "Oak Lodge" with us for awhile and enjoy the delightful surroundings of our location.

Simon and Ruth

Naturist stay

As a naturist stay, this is a clothes free location whenever comfortable. By "whenever comfortable" it means we take a sensible approach to going clothes free. The hot tub is the only place where clothing is always left off. For the rest, it's deemed "clothing optional" to allow for weather conditions and other comfort considerations. It is required, though, that guests are comfortable in a naturist setting and happy to go "au naturel". (See our Your Stay page for more information on this.)

We're happy to chat through any questions you may have about staying at our naturist location. You'll find how to contact us on our Contact page.

Our location

Oak Lodge is near Monmouth on the edge of The Forest of Dean. The lodge is within the Wye Valley area of outstanding natural beauty. Oak Lodge boasts a luxury hot tub in a wonderful setting. The view from the hot tub is stunning! While soaking in the hot tub you can enjoy the views of Monmouth, the Wye Valley and in the distance Sugar Loaf mountain and the hills of the South Wales.

The lodge is located on a South West facing hillside. This is a quiet location. It normally only has the occasional car going past the property. It has a large garden on a series of terraces some grassed and some with patios, all of which soak up the sun once it rises on it from mid morning onwards. The lodge is in a hill location with a short flight of steps up to it from where you park. It is therefore not suitable for people who have difficulty walking and climbing stairs.

It's a beautiful location and our hospitality is warm. Click on one of our photos to get an idea of how it looks.

All year round

Are we going to get a late Summer this year during the month of September?

In this location, Autumn and Winter rival Summer and Spring as great times to have a naturist break with us. The hot tub is always ready for use whatever the season and a roaring log fire lit inside during the colder months.

Book in advance

We only take advance bookings, not last minute bookings. This means we need a day or so notice before the planned arrival date for your booking. Please also read the section below "Days and times". If you need more information, you can contact us via on our Contact page.

Are you wondering about the weather where we are? Follow this link to get the current weather and the forecast for the next few days: Our Local Weather.

But never mind the weather! It's always warm and cosy inside and you can still enjoy the view. Outside you can enjoy the hot tub in almost any weather.

Days and times

We accept bookings to stay for a single night or a short break on most days and at most times of the year. Please see the Availability page for dates that are currently available.

You can arrive at any time from 2 pm on a weekday and on weekend day from 3 pm. Dinner, if you decide to eat with us, is usually at 6.30 pm but by arrangement it can be later. The hot tub can be enjoyed at all times of the day and evening. On the day of departure 11 am is the normal check out time but this can be varied if circumstances allow.

Suggestion: if you can't manage to stay for two or three nights, how about making the most of a single night by booking in for lunch on the day of arrival. In this way, you get a noon check in (ready for lunch) which then gives you a longer afternoon. We can generally only offer this on weekdays but sometimes in Autumn, Winter and Spring we can offer this on Saturdays.


Breakfast is included. Dinner in the evening is available and having lunch is also possible.

Local attractions

You are welcome to stay around the lodge and simply relax. However, if you'd like to get out and see the sights there are many possibilities.

If you enjoy biking by all means bring your bikes. You'll be able to keep them in our garage. This is a great location for cycling along the Wye Valley trail to Symonds Yat. If you enjoy walking there are many public footpaths leading into The Forest of Dean or leading you onto the walks of the Wye Valley.

Our location is perfect for exploring the Wye Valley from Synmonds Yat all the way down to Tintern Abbey. Equally easily, you can go off into the Forest of Dean with its trails, view points, lakes - for example, Cannop Ponds and Mallards Pike Lake - and places of interest like Clearwell Caves and Puzzlewood.

Other notes

There is no smoking in the Lodge.

We are not able to accept pets.

This is a straightforward naturist stay with no added dimension to it.


All stays and visits must be booked using the Booking Form and, following this, a deposit has to be made using the Payment Button under the Booking Form. No stays or visits are accepted unless these conditions are fulfilled and no stay or visit is reserved until a deposit has been received.



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Time to recover, recharge and relax